Considering the growing needs in quality control for food safety, and the numerous safety alerts around the world linked to Salmonella or Listeria contamination, EUROPROBE aims to sell the LUMIPROBE 24 range on a worldwide scale.  The policy of the company is to sell preferably through local appointed distributors, accustomed to the microbiology field and with a fair knowledge of the food industry. The company may also conduct direct sales on a case by case basis in countries where it does not have a distribution agreement .The company is presently represented in Europe (France, Scandinavia, Russia, Italy, Spain,Belgium), and in USA .

             The company is ready to consider with care any offer of distribution of LUMIPROBE 24 in a country not mentioned above.
             Supported by performing and complete logistics, EUROPROBE can answer to your needs wherever you are.

To our distributors, we insure :
             - Regular training sessions .
             - Temperature safe delivery system .
             - On site technical assistance when necessary                                 See our worldwide map

We grant  our customers :
             - A convenient and ready to use packaging .
             - Compliance with regulatory requirements.
             - Troubleshootings and FAQ services.